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Toowoomba State High School

Toowoomba State High is located in the beautiful garden city of Toowoomba in Queensland. We have such a great school they had to make it twice! Yes! We have two similarly-sized (around 800 students) campuses for students in Years 7 to 12: Mt Lofty and Wilsonton.
On 9 August 2016 Education Minister Kate Jones announced that the Toowoomba State High School Mt Lofty and Wilsonton campuses would split to become two Band 10 schools in their own right, as from Term 1 2017. A $5 million hall was also announced for the newly formed ‘Wilsonton State High School’ (yet to be officially named) from the 2017/18 financial year State Budget. Construction is expected to commence Semester 2, 2017.
On Friday 5 August Mr Chris Zilm announced his Promotion to Executive Principal Cairns SHS. Mr Zilm finished at Toowoomba SHS on Wednesday 10 August after 13 Years as Principal of Toowoomba SHS Mt Lofty and Wilsonton Campuses. I am currently Acting Principal for the school (both campuses) and we have commenced the changes needed for the “separation” and exciting future as separate schools with distinct identities starting 2017.
New Principals Term Four
The transition to become two separate schools is well under way, with the announcement this week of the appointment of two new permanent Principals commencing at the start of Term 4. Mr Marcus Jones will be Principal for Wilsonton SHS; and Mr Tony Kennedy will be Principal for Toowoomba SHS (Mt Lofty).
The Symbols Committee has consulted and run their survey. Thank you very much to all who responded and my sincere appreciation goes to the Committee of 6 Students, 6 Parents and 6 Staff for working together, consulting, analysing survey results and generally looking for the best outcomes. The Committee had short timelines, needing to have a recommendation to the P&C and School by the End of Term 3. This was to ensure that the students would have the new Sport Uniform to start the 2017 year. The P&C and School Council have endorsed the  recommendations, as has the School Executive Team. While we do not expect any delays, we will still need to get formal approval by Education Qld and the Minister for Education, but I cannot see any problems arising there. As with any Uniform change or decision, there are a broad number of views and choices to be made. All views and choices were considered, but ultimately if your choices were not the successful ones, it is important to get behind the names, colours etc that were chosen so that students have a positive start to 2017. They have recommended from the results the following:
The Name of the school at Wilsonton will be Wilsonton State High School

The Sports polo shirt will be Black, Purple & Green with White trim

The Base uniform colour will be Black
The Symbols Committee will continue with consultation over Term 4 and the start of 2017 around other changes including the New Formal Uniform (which is planned to be in place for Semester 2, 2017) and Shield and Motto.

PLEASE NOTE: The uniform at Mt Lofty Campus remains the same for 2017- no changes.

The School executive is allocating approximately $20 000 of School Funds to supply each student with one brand new School Sport Shirt to allay extra financial burden of uniform change costs to families.
We are looking for planning, consultation and action that lead to a positive and fresh start for both the new school and for Toowoomba SHS (Mt Lofty) through Term 4 and into 2017. It is an exciting time, a time for everyone contributing, a time of refresh and renew, and we know that it is the right time to do it.
Bryan Power
Acting Principal
TSHS Wilsonton & Mt Lofty



The school has a high expectations of all students. To achieve our common hopes and dreams we have a clear improvement agenda based on great teaching, great programs and great school. This continues the long traditions of excellent achievement, attainment and transition to university, work or training. Everything we do - each program, initiative and tradition - works to achieving our goal that every student will succeed.  


Our major focus is on implementing High Impact Teaching in every classroom so we can be our best and bring out the best in every child.

A highly engaging curriculum, a focus on success which motivates students, fantastic relationships and learning experiences rather than just lessons are our hallmarks.
We actively work in teams and seek feedback about our practice, reflect on progress regularly and work with the home to establish partnerships to get the best outcomes possible.
Please contact us for more information about enrolling your child: Mt Lofty (07) 4637 1371 and Wilsonton (07) 4639 0444. You can also check out our enrolment page.


Bryan Power

Acting Principal

Toowoomba SHS – Wilsonton and Mt Lofty